Hour of Code Reflection

I chose Minecraft. I got to level 6.

Colonial Leaders

Who is Thomas Hooker?

Founder of connecticut colony.

development of colonial New England.

Out standing speaker.

The father of connecticut.

He was a puritan.

He was a democratic.

He played a key role in the development of connecticut.

He was a book writer.

He was a poeiticon.

That is Thomas Hooker?


Colonial glassmaker

I am a glassmaker and being a glassmaker is a hard job. Glass making all started in 1739 in New Jersey. The glass was made out of sand and chemicals.We all had to use a hot pit of fire to make the glass sculpture. How it work’s is like this you put liquid glass on the end of a tube and blow into it the tube and it’s make’s a bubble of glass and you can  shape it.Glass making is a fun job but its hard to.The fun thing about it is you can shape it in to what ever you like.Like a turtle and a angle but that’s not all you can have what you like and even more.

9/11 Reflection

9/11 was tragic and scary.There were lot confused people. A lot of scared people. The world stopped it was very quit ever one was in side watching the tv or listening to the radio. All you herd was mother nature.

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Life in 5th grade

Life in 5th grade may feel scary but its not its relay fun.You learn alot and you don’t even know it.But they can be serious some time.But the they can be cool.In 5th grade if your good all week you get recess in the morning.5th grade is like exploring the world because you learn so much.

Hour of Code Reflection

I played Minecraft  and lerned that you make a lot of mistakes  its more fun then it sonds.